Over cobblestones, through mud, and in the Merrimack River

The Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race, in and around downtown Lowell, brought out the inspired crazies on wheels.

Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race, Flying Fish
The amazing flying fish.

Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race, Think Tank
Think Tank: Military grade stupidity and fun.

Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race, Dragonfly
The Dragonfly. Most ferocious mascot.

Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race, Rubber Ducky
Keeping it simple with the Rubber Ducky.

Market Street
Downtown Lowell MA

Gettin’ high in the park.

Marlon brought his kite and we walked over to the park on a perfect breezy Sunday afternoon.

Trying to fly a kite. Shedd Park, Lowell MA
I’m at the end of the string. The kite’s going nowhere.

The kite at 100 feet! Shedd Park, Lowell MA
Marlon’s the Man! Soaring about 100 feet high.

Shedd Park
Lowell MA

Uh, the biggest cigarette butt?

Outside a dorm, those darned college kids have left a souvenir.

Big cigarette butt, Cambridge MA
[Photo taken with iPhone SE]

Anyone need some skanky scrap carpet?

A college dorm
Cambridge MA

Your favorite deity listens to cell phone apps!

I’m an atheist. Will this still work?

Holy Ad on the MBTA Red Line, Cambridge MA
[Photo taken with iPhone SE]   Ad on the subway this morning.

MBTA Red Line
Cambridge MA

A whole new category is born

Almost nobody writes a sign by hand anymore. When they do, a perfect, unique snowflake is born.

Handmade Sign: Functional Hall, Lowell MA
No, you can’t use it for functions, but it is working.

Central Street
Lowell MA

Getting my bike a going-on-vacation gift

Starting to get ready for vacation. Gotta bring the mountain bike this year.

Thule bike racks - on sale at REI
I saved enough money to, uh, have a few beers on vacation.

REI Co-op
Reading MA

The brick equivalent of exfoliation

The outside of the Hood’s Patent Medicine mill on Thorndike Street is getting scrubbed as part of its redevelopment.

Sandblasting a Thorndike Street mill, Lowell MA
The starting color, on the far right, was darkened by over a century of crud.

Thorndike Street
Lowell MA