Because precast concrete is just so pretty?

This Boston West End office building, with its late 1970s Brutalist style, is literally being given a fresh coat of paint. It’s amazing how much better a building looks when it’s not just exposed dismal gray concrete. (What you see of the concrete here was cleaned before painting began.)

Whitening Brutalism in Boston's West End
Simple improvement. Le Corbusier was a jerk.

O’Connell Way
Boston, MA

In which mom and I go to a game show show

Haiku for “The Price is Right Live!”:
Costumed contestants,
Me and mom in audience.
Jerry Springer: Host!

'The Price is Right Live' audience: Lowell MA
The day-glo audience.

'The Price is Right Live' orange guest and Jerry Springer: Lowell MA
Orange hair and Jerry Springer

'The Price is Right Live' Mom's new t-shirt, Lowell MA
Mom’s new t-shirt

“The Price is Right Live!”
Lowell Memorial Auditorium
Lowell, MA

Halloween is Bitchin’.

Haiku for the pumpkin patch a week before Halloween:
Tons of orange gourds
That I’ll stab and make scary.
Oh, there’s llamas, too.

Marlin at the pumpkin patch, Krochmal Farms, Tewksbury MA
Pumpkins and Marlin’s ghost

Llama with mascara, Krochmal Farms, Tewksbury MA
Overly mascara’ed llama

Krochmal Farms
Tewksbury, MA

It better freakin’ pour later today.

At lunchtime today the sun was shining, but I didn’t take my bike to work today because the weatherman said there’d be torrential downpours at evening rush hour.

Ominous Sky at noon over the Charles, Boston MA

Charles River
Boston, MA

Is it proper to say “I took a picture of a selfie”?

There was a line of gondola railroad cars on the freight tracks this morning. YSM was busy:

Railroad freight car graffiti: SELFIE - YSM, Lowell MA
Railroad graffiti. Selfie # 1 [YSM].

Railroad freight car graffiti: SELFIE - YSM, Lowell MA
Railroad graffiti. Selfie ! # 2 [YSM].

Railroad freight car graffiti: SELFIE - YSM, Lowell MA
Railroad graffiti. Selfie # 3 [YSM].

Railroad freight lines
Behind Thorndike Street
Lowell MA

Distance to girth to mass

Had to stop on the way to work this morning to take this picture:

My bike computer at 500 miles
The GPS bike computer on my folding (commuting) bike hit 500 miles this morning.

   +500 miles distance =
     -2 inches girth   =
    -23 pounds mass


Cambridge Street just east of Inman Square
Cambridge MA

Fog and Sunset

Boston (south of the Charles) was foggy. Cambridge (north of the Charles) was clear.

Pastel Sky over the Charles.
The sun setting behind the Museum of Science.

Commuter rail tracks over the Charles River
Boston & Cambridge MA

MBTA Time Machine?

Shouldn’t clocks on trains be a little bit accurate?

Date and Time: MBTA Commuter Rail Lowell Line
FYI: Today is October 17, 2016. It was 7:07pm when I took the picture.

MBTA Commuter Rail
6:25PM Train to Lowell
Somewhere between North Station Boston and Lowell MA