The walls are a structural element, y’know.

The latest mill renovation project in Lowell is one of the Hamilton Mills buildings.

The exterior brick walls on the lower floors of this corner of the building had separated from the rest of the building, so the obvious solution was to remove the walls (which, incidentally, support the building).

Hamilton Mill Renovation, Lowell MA
One of the Hamilton Mills buildings under renovation.

This is like making a house of cards, except with tons of brick and huge wooden beams.   Structural engineers get to do some really cool work.

Hamilton Mills
Off Jackson Street
Downtown Lowell MA

Typography to Raise Your Hackles By.

Haiku for signs with annoying layouts:
Lines that are too short,
Letters too pushed together,
What graphic design?

Annoying line break in a 'No Smoking' sign on the MBTA Commuter Rail
Why is there a line break after “IMPRISONMENT”, leaving that huge space?
Why isn’t the word “FOR” on that same line?

Weird kerning between the 'r' and 't' in a National Grid ad on MBTA Commuter Rail
Why are the “r” and “t” in “Comfort” so close together?
Why is the square period so large?

Yeah, I need to get a life.

On the 6:25PM Train to Lowell
MBTA Commuter Rail

Never seen a tractor-trailer with one of these before.

I’m not passing judgement, but this is unusual.

Tractor Trailer on Blossom Street, Boston MA
It’s not unusual that this truck is parked next to a steam vent. What is unusual is what’s on its dashboard.

Tractor Trailer with a Handicap Placard, Boston MA
A handicap packard on the dashboard of a parked tractor-trailer truck.

Nice looking rig, by the way.

Blossom Street
Boston, MA

At the 2016 Lowell City of Lights Parade setup area:

Haiku for the setup before the parade:
Cub scouts and girl scouts,
High school, college marching bands,
Lowell’s lighting parade!

Parents helping with floats: City of Lights Parade 2016 setup, Lowell MA
Parents helping with floats

Prehistoric Creature: City of Lights Parade 2016 setup, Lowell MA
The most amazing walking prehistoric creature

UMass Lowell Marching Band Brass Section: City of Lights Parade 2016 setup, Lowell MA
UMass Lowell Marching Band brass section

And the parade is about to start! City of Lights Parade 2016 setup, Lowell MA
Just about ready to start the parade

Lining up on Jackson Street
Downtown Lowell, MA

This is where Black Friday is really special.

Outdoors on a mostly rainy Friday after Thanksgiving.

Late Autumn, Fort Hill Park, Lowell MA
The mist through the trees.

Late Autumn, Fort Hill Park, Lowell MA
Wet fallen leaves.

Fort Hill Park
Lowell, MA

DELAYED means “We don’t give a f— about you”

This week, we got new commuter rail schedules. So far, Keolis, the company that runs commuter rail for the MBTA, has been incapable of meeting even the new schedules.

MBTA Commuter Rail Delays at North Station, Boston MA
This is what happens when Keolis just doesn’t care.

A few things to know about this picture, taken during Tuesday rush hour:

  • The top train, “ALL ABOARD”, is the on-time Amtrak train to Brunswick, Maine.
  • The three “DELAYED” trains are the 6:25pm trains to Fitchburg (Wachusett), Haverhill, and Rockport.
  • The first “ON TIME” train is the 6:30pm to Lowell. But it changed to “DELAYED” at 6:32pm.

For November, most of either my morning or my evening trains have been delayed, broken down, or canceled. The weather has been mild. Can’t wait to see what a disaster Keolis will have on its hands when it snows this winter.

North Station
Boston, MA

College is when you’re supposed to learn how to drink.

Haiku for college kids who drink Busch Light:
It’s not the cheapest.
And it’s hard to get drunk on.
So why drink Busch Light?

Dumpster with Busch Light, Cambridge MA
Just say no to beer that’s just watered-down piss.

Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

Unfortunately this is not volcanic ash.

But it wasn’t the freezing temperatures or the snow that kept me off my bike today… It was the predicted 20-40 mph winds.

First snow of the 2016-2017 Winter, Lowell MA
First snow of the 2016-2017 winter season.

My side-yard
Lowell, MA

Standing for what’s right.

On a cold, windy, cloudy November afternoon, a bunch of people of Lowell gathered to show that mutual respect beats hate and fear.

Stop Normalizing Hate Speech - Lowell Ma
We Stand Together   |   Lowell Loves   |   Stop Normalizing Hate Speech

Stand for Love - Lowell MA
Stand for Love

We’ve got each other’s backs.
I love this city.

JFK Plaza
Downtown Lowell, MA