Getting my bike a going-on-vacation gift

Starting to get ready for vacation. Gotta bring the mountain bike this year.

Thule bike racks - on sale at REI
I saved enough money to, uh, have a few beers on vacation.

REI Co-op
Reading MA

The brick equivalent of exfoliation

The outside of the Hood’s Patent Medicine mill on Thorndike Street is getting scrubbed as part of its redevelopment.

Sandblasting a Thorndike Street mill, Lowell MA
The starting color, on the far right, was darkened by over a century of crud.

Thorndike Street
Lowell MA

Dig the polka dot backgrounds.

An aqua FLERT with pink bubbles.

FLERT - Freight Car Graffiti - Lowell MA


Close-up: THIS IS HARDCORE - Freight Car Graffiti - Lowell MA

On the other side of the same car, neatly avoiding the boxcar’s numbers, but with the same pink bubbles:

Freight Car Graffiti - Lowell MA
Sorry, can’t read it. TUE maybe? | REEFA | FERN•TRE•BALL

Freight Tracks
Along Thorndike Street
Lowell MA

Awww, crap.

Most of my web sites bit the dust this weekend.

Permission Denied!

Did a full restore from backup, but things only got screwier. Ended up restoring permissions of hundreds of files and directories last night.

That’s what us kule computer kidz call “PHUN“.

On my server.
Lowell MA

Two good things about Harvard’s Holyoke Center

1. Yay!!!   They’re tearing down Holyoke Center!!!

Demolition at Harvard University Holyoke Center, Cambridge MA
Uh, never mind. They’re just removing the attached row of stores along Holyoke Street. The ugly tower remains.

2. Yay!!!   Water is not hazardous!!!

Demolition at Harvard University Holyoke Center, “Water is not hazardous” Cambridge MA
Only in Cambridge…

Holyoke Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge MA